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Shipping policy

We ship to the following countries. If you do not find your country on the list, feel free to contact our support, we will give you a shipping quote based on the products you want to order.


South Africa


Taiwan, Hongkong, India, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Turkey


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

North America

Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico

South America

Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru


Australia, New Zealand

Here is our estimated shipping time and rates for all the items that are below 2kg, you will find it at the checkout page depending on the country the order is being delivered to.



Shipping time(working days)

Shipping Rate
North America United States 7-14 Free
Canada 8-19 Free Shipping over 45$
Mexico 15-30 Free Shipping over 45$
Puerto Rico 20-30 Free Shipping over 45$
South America Brazil 15-25 $25,99
Chile 12-20 $25,99
Colombia 15-30 $25,99
Peru 20-40 $29,99
Oceania Australia 8-15 Free
New Zealand 8-15 Free
Europe United Kingdom 5-10 Free
France 5-10 Free
Germany 5-10 Free
Italy 5-10 Free
Spain 5-10 Free
Netherlands 7-11 Free
Austria 7-11 Free
Belgium 7-11 Free
Bulgaria 7-11 Free
Switzerland 7-11 Free
Czech Republic 7-11 Free
Denmark 7-11 Free
Estonia 7-11 Free Shipping over 45$
Finland 7-11 Free
Greece 7-11 Free
Croatia 7-11 Free
Hungary 7-11 Free
Ireland 7-11 Free
Lithuania 7-11 Free Shipping over 45$
Luxembourg 7-11 Free
Latvia 7-11 Free
Malta 7-11 Free Shipping over 45$
Poland 7-11 Free
Portugal 7-11 Free
Romania 7-11 Free
Sweden 7-11 Free
Slovenia 7-11 Free
Slovakia 7-11 Free
Ukraine 7-11 Free Shipping over 45$
Asia Japan 3-9 Free
Hongkong 3-7 Free
INDIA 15-30 Free
South Korea 7-9 Free
Philippines 7-14 Free
Singapore 7-14 Free
Thailand 5-10 Free
Taiwan 7-9 Free
Middle East United Arab Emirates 8-15 Free
Cyprus 7-15 $29,99
Israel 8-15 Free
Saudi Arabia 8-15 Free
Turkey 7-10 Free
Africa South Africa 15-30 $49,99

It depends on the country you live.

If you live in UK

In England, according to law, buyers are obliged to pay customs on all packages arriving from other countries.

If you'd like to avoid doing paperwork, you can pay VAT directly through Maloona if the order is under £135. You'd pay a 20% of the total of the product through the shopping cart, and Maloona will send this amount to the UK Tax Authority, thus exempting you from paying it when it arrives to England.

Now, if the order amount goes beyond the £135 limit, you will have to pay VAT and additionally Import Duties. The carrier will let you know if you have to pay customs when you receive the package. They will send you a bill with the amount you need to pay (approximately 20% of the value of the package + other customs and handling fees).

If you live in United States

When it comes to the United States, you can receive orders of up to $800 per day, without worrying about customs costs if no “anti-dumping” measures are applied.

If there's several packages that arrive in customs with an amount superior to $800 on the same day, they can be stopped to see if they exceed said amount.

If that's the case, or if your package gets stopped in customs for review, you will receive an “Arrival Notice”. You can fill in the customs declaration online; you'll get asked for a commercial invoice, details of the content and proof that you've made the payment.

If you live in European Union

Until July 2021, packages under €22 were exempt from VAT and duties in most countries of the European Union. However, now the “low value” exemption no longer exists and all packages arriving to the European Union will need to pay taxes.

As in other countries, it will be paid directly in the shopping basket. VAT will depend on the country of destination and it will vary between 17% and 27% (for Holland: 21% and for France: 20%).

From €150 onwards, you will have to pay VAT and duties in the country of destination.

If you live in Canada

Most small packages don't pay duty in Canada, since many sellers declare a value of less than the CAN $20 value required by regulations. Now, if the package is stopped at Customs, the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) will review the package and determine the customs cost.

If you receive the package through Canada Post, in addition to the customs value, you will have to pay a $9.95 handling fee and, in this case, the best and fastest way to pay customs is to do it online, by accessing Canada Post's “track tool”.

All you have to do is add the tracking number and you can pay by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Now, if you happen to disagree with what customs has calculated, you can ask for a readjustment after delivery by contacting the CBSA with an E14 form.

You can also refuse to pay customs and inform the carrier that you would like to appeal. If that's the case, then Canada Post will return the package to the CBSA for readjustment.

Now, if the package comes by private courier, usually the customs cost is claimed at the time of delivery, and a handling fee is added which is usually higher.

To save customs cost, you can do the self-clear: refuse delivery and let the courier know that you will pay customs directly to the CBSA. Then, visit the local CBSA office with the tracking number and commercial invoice, plus your ID. They will give you a receipt that mentions that you have paid customs to the CBSA, give a copy to the private courier either by fax or in person and then they will tell you when the delivery will be made.

If you live in Australia

In Australia, customs fees are paid directly through Maloona on purchases under AUD $1000. Usually a 10%, which is applied directly in the shopping cart. Maloona collects the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) and forwards it to the Australian Taxation Office; this way, you avoid having to pay anything when it arrives in Australia.

If your package is worth more than AUD $1000, then you will have to pay customs when the order enters the country (customs will calculate the amount according to the type of product and its price).

You will receive a notification with the documentation you have to provide and the steps to follow. So, if in your shipment tracking the status “in customs” shows up, don't worry, the packages will still go through customs in China and Australia to avoid any illegal material to be sent in the packages.

If your package has been stopped, you will receive a letter asking you to go to Customs or to provide a check of the payment so they can calculate the customs costs according to the product cost.

We recommend you don't play around too much and say the real price of the product, otherwise, customs could price the product higher than what you actually paid, raising the costs.

Despite online rumors, it is usually a bad idea choosing not to respond to your country’s customs letter. When buying from Maloona, the buyer is responsible for any customs charges, so if the product is returned, it means losing the money for the order.

However, if you are too lazy to do the paperwork and the product is not very expensive, you may be able to pay for it.

As the product will return to Maloona if you fail to respond to customs, an alternative could be trying to reach an agreement with us so we can refund you part of what you paid. Keep in mind that if you do not pay attention to the customs letter your data may be “marked” and future orders could be blocked.

However, this is no tragedy as you can always order things under a friends or family member’s name.

Yes, the paying customs is the responsibility of the buyer. This is not something exclusive to Maloona. On all international websites, the buyer is responsible for knowing the customs regulations of his or her country and paying the customs fees in case the package is stopped, since:

Duties and other taxes are not included when buying unless the seller specifies that the shipment is “tax-free”, i.e. without customs.

Maloona purchases normally come from outside your home country and must cross internationally borders. Each country has its own regulations.

Therefore, the buyer is responsible for paying customs fees and doing all the arrangements.

The documentation may vary depending on the country, so it is best to read the message that you have received from customs or to ask directly in the post office or customs which papers they need.

In general, a screenshot of the product will suffice, showing the tracking number and proof of payment so that customs can check what you are buying.

Sometimes, problems with customs can occur and many times you go to our comments section to see what Maloona will or will not do with your customs problems. Well, here are some tips that Maloona recommends about customs conditions and responsibilities:

Your local post office or customs office can give you more information about customs regulations in your country.

Customs charges, taxes, or import duties are usually paid directly to the courier company. Maloona will not be responsible for delays in shipment due to customs. Some products with domestic shipping offered by Maloona are shipped from your country and are duty-free.